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How Would You Like To Achieve Top Search Engine Rankings For Competitive Keyword Phrases Over And Over Again? 



How would you like access to the exact blueprint that I've been personally using to achieve consistent top search engine rankings for both myself and my clients?

This is not your typical hypey internet marketing sales page. This is simply an opportunity for you to get a copy of the blueprint I use in my offline business (Vantage Marketing Solutions) to get consistent Page 1 Google rankings for my business clients.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) does not have to be difficult! When you follow the right steps, it doesn't even have to be hard work either.

As I tell my clients, there is no point in having great products and a great web site if nobody can find them. Your sites need to be optimised correctly and have inbound links pointing to them.

Optimising your pages isn't rocket science, but getting the volume of decent inbound links needed for the top search listings can be impossible without access to the right tools and services.

My blueprint is written to suit all budgets and marketing abilities. It's a step by step guide that shows you initially how to make your first dollar online, and then as your income increases, it shows you exactly what tools and services to buy to accelerate the process, and in what order to buy them.

It shows you how to achieve your first rankings for very low competition keywords, and then progresses to the more competitive keywords. As you progress to the competitive keywords, the blueprint details the exact tools and services I use to achieve them.

If you have money to invest straight away, you can progress immediately to targeting the high traffic competitive keywords, if you don't, start with the low competition and use your affiliate earnings to pay for the tools as you progress.

The blueprint shows you in detail how to select niche markets, great keywords and affiliate products to promote. The second part of the blueprint shows you how build the all important inbound links that will help you to conquer the search engines.

When I first wrote the blueprint, I called it the '$200 A Day Blueprint' because that's the kind of figure you should be able to make if you follow it for 12 months. But how much you actually make depends on how well you monetise your pages and on how hard you work. There is work involved, so if that puts you off, this blueprint is not of you, but as the saying goes ... 'no pain, no gain!'

Although I can't promise how much you'll earn with my blueprint, I can promise that if you follow what it teaches, you will achieve great search engine rankings, over and over again.

To make money from your rankings you have several options. You can start out like I did building lots of niche market sites promoting either your own info products, affiliate products or adsense ads. Alternatively you can just build and sell niche sites once you have them ranking well. Or as I now do, you can use your SEO skills to build and rank small business sites which is a piece of cake with the blueprint formula.

Because many small business niches are low competition, ranking client sites is easy once you have the required know how and tools.

I suggest at this point you click on the links below and take a look at the type of keywords I've been achieving top rankings for, then read what my customers think of my blueprint and of my SEO service. You can also read more about the Blueprint and have a look around my Consultancy site. 

Rankings Achieved

Vantage Marketing Solutions

The Blueprint

What Our Clients Say


Now you've looked around the site, you should be able to see that this is not your usual crappy internet marketing product like the ones that get promoted in your inbox every single day. It's a genuine blueprint for achieving consistent top search engine rankings. It's not for everyone though, it does take hard work initially, and if that's not for you fair enough. But if you do want lots of free search engine traffic and the ability to rank for competitive keywords, this is your chance.

I charge my SEO clients £397 (roughly $600) per small web site, with a guarantee of ranking their primary keyword on the first page of Google.

But as you'll be doing the work yourself with the blueprint, I'm only charging $67 for it right now

I'm not going to create false urgency by telling you there are only limited copies available, nor am I going to pretend that there is a huge discount for a limited time only (although I might put the price up in the future!).

There are no annoying Upsells after you hit the buy button, nor any monthly recurring charges either.  As soon as you make your payment you will be given immediate access to the product.

You simply pay $67

I'm selling it through Clickbank's secure payment servers, and as such your purchase is covered by their 8 week money back guarantee, not that you'll want you money back.

So if you want to be able to dominate the search engines in the future I'll leave it to you to decide whether or not that ability is worth $67 ... remember my clients pay $600 for my seo services!

Yours sincerly

Richard Taylor - Vantage Marketing Solutions

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at   , or if you would like to engage my marketing, web design or seo services just drop me a line or contact me via the Vantage website detail ...


Rankings Achieved

Vantage Marketing Solutions

The Blueprint

What Our Clients Say

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